Take it from me

by Wicked Pretty

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released April 18, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ty Watkins.




Wicked Pretty Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Post Officer Henry
Your friends think I'm simple, but I don't give a damn what they say.
I'm usually something rather clever, but broken glass has filled my throat.
And I have a terrible habit of using so many words to say very little...
And I have a terrible problem with jumping in to water when I can't see the bottom.

You were white girl wasted, I was green day jaded. I can't help but hate it, cause I know its not real.
Little boys lie about a lot of things they cry about, and I can't help but hate it, I know it's not real.
I want to say what I mean, what I feel. But I don't.

If it means a lot to you, I wouldnt even need the truth. I'm not asking for sincereity, something closer to some clarity.
Keeping time with my peers never came on time to me, something I just couldn't believe. 40 miles from my promised land. Don't you mistake me for more than a man.

When I said I don't believe in monsters, what I meant is I don't want to believe that I was one. For so long...
Today I'll wake up and I won't go back to sleep. You and I meet up to burn down my whole street. Later on, as the sun goes down, the only time I hear that lovely sound.
Track Name: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Is it naive of me to assume I could be someone's favorite anything?

If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd probably have no luck. My friends they've got it worse. I remember that one night, you sat drinking coffee. You said that I was fine.

I threw away my clothes, they reminded me of who I am. Nowhere feels like home when you don't know just where you're from. I'd say I hate myself, but I don't know just who that is. Not like it makes a difference, never slowed me down.

Growing older all the time, but I swear I'm having fun.
Feeling colder all the time, but I'm running towards the sun.
Track Name: Tennis
I've got some dirty tennis shoes, and I wear 'em around this deadbeat town. Breaking all your radios, cause you won't play my favorite song. I've memorized your lines, you don't like to drink but sometimes you do. And I'll break your fucking radio cause you won't play my favorite song.

You wouldn't say it if you didnt mean it, right? I can't let your words affect me. Minimum wage is a gateway drug and I'm born to lose but still I try.
I pawned my watch for a tank of gas, now I'm bumming cigarettes outside the show.
Poured his heart & soul in to a microphone so for twenty short minutes we don't feel alone.

She's still walking those same streets. I'm still hopping those same trains. But, I've got air inside my lungs, and blood inside my veins. I see no reason to complain.
....cause I've got some dirty tennis shoes, and I wear 'em around this dead beat town.
Track Name: If we played by the rules (we'd be in gym right now)
My hands start to shake. My ears they start to burn. My stomach feels ill again. But I waste my time, with the things I say.

A love sick anecdote sophomore year I wrote you notes. Something about these empty halls makes me wanna scream "I'm almost home again". Sometimes a cowboy, is just a man in a cowboy suit. Most days I don't feel like either, but what am I to say?

Something deep inside of me know that I am bigger. Swears "I'm bigger". Screams "I'm better than this". Cross my heart and dot the sky, I never found a reason why I never made it out of here you gotta help me out.

I'm getting so much better at knowing my own strengths and knowing my own weaknesses.
Track Name: Airplane Complex
I had a dream, that I was an airplane. All of my best friends, they were inside me, we were having a good time. We flew over the sea and across the ocean. We swore there was nobody else who was ever better to be, but me.

I'm a motorbike. You're never gonna stop me. A hundred miles an hour for the rest of my life.

I had a dream, that I was a cruise ship. And every pretty girl I've ever met, she was on my deck.We sailed over the sea and across the ocean. We swore there was nobody else who was ever better to be but me.

I know I'm just a young man. My thoughts are full of these silly things. One day I'll pack my bags and break this name you made for me. I know I'm just a young man, thoughts full of such silly things. But one day I'll pack my bags and then our name won't mean a thing to me.